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Since I fell in love with needle and yarn, I’ve been wanting to have a store with many yarns and needles in it.. Well.. finally I started an online shop with my friend. Our main target customers is in Indonesia. My Friend is also a yarn lover, she started playing with needle and yarn almost at the same time with me.


Beside selling needles, yarns and some handmade, We also want to share more information about our hobbies in Indonesian Language. We’ve been lucky, there are many tutorials and resources related with knitting and crocheting on Internet, but most of them are in English language. The fact that most of our friends in Indonesia are reluctant to read the English web site motivate us to share the knowledge in our language. I want  to thank all of the people on Internet who so generous sharing the knowledge with us by sharing it with our friends.

Special thanks to my husband who always encourages and supports me with my hobbies 🙂

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