Sewing Pajamas – Trousers

Kemarin malam jahit piyama buat Joe lagi, kali ini pilih yang mudah dulu, jahit celananya. Berhubung beberapa teman (dan sepupu) yang mulai menjahit juga pada ga percaya mudahnya bikin celana piyama, kemarin sempet-sempetin deh sambil difoto. Bagian mengguntingnya ga difoto karena dilakukan malam sebelumnya. Mudah-mudahan waktu menjahit bagian blus nya juga ga lupa untuk foto-foto […]

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Knitted Bobble Scarf

Finally, I started to knit again. My friend shared some knit patterns on her facebook and I can’t resist the temptation to knit again. I need a new scarf, not a thick one but warm and have style to use at the office. I decide to learn new things this time. I choose this pattern […]

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More on Sewing Experiments

The problem with many hobbies with limited time is I always wanted to make things but sometimes I don’t have the time to finish it immediately nor to update it on my blog. Well I don’t want to give too many excuses for my laziness to update my blog.