Jan 13

New Hobby on 2009

Tissue Box CoverI never thought my self as a someone who will do handcrafts. My sense of art is just so so, but yet recently I found myself enjoying doing some handcrafts.

Since I started knitting I also started crocheting, and since then I always have so many things that I  want to do, slowly but surely I try to made my to-do list.

I’ve always wanted to make a tissue box cover. I thought I would crochet it. I also wanted to buy a sewing machine. I thought a sewing machine will help me to make some bag lining or to repair some clothes that needed to mend. I never have a picture in my mind that I will patient enough to make some quilting.

Sewing MachineSewing MachineSewing MachineSewing Machine

Anyway, a few days ago, my husband who always encourage me with all my passions, agreed to buy me a  sewing machine.

The brand is Elvira and the type is Diana, it is computerized, automatic and have 55 different stitches. I cannot found any reference about this brand on internet but the shop provide free membership along with the warranty for 2 years. The membership means free lessons and discount 10 percent to buy  the sewing materials. The previous name of this brand is Elna-Elvira that is made in Swiss.

To combine what I wanted, I made this tissue box  cover using the brand new sewing machine as my first project on the sewing course. At first I thought sewing is much easier compared to crochet or knitting, but then I found out it’s not as easy as I thought before. For someone who never used a sewing machine before, sewing straight lines is not easy, sewing  6 heart applications is a big challenge, yet I enjoyed it.

I plan to write how to make the tissue box cover when I make the next one. I forgot to take any pictures while making this one. Yes I also plan to make others quilt and sewing projects.

8 Responses to “New Hobby on 2009”

  1. dea Says:

    Wowwwwww :O
    mengaku keduluan hehehe.. 😀
    semoga si Gadis Penyanyi pun dapat berbakti dengan baik ya seperti si Diana (lucu ya dah ada namanya :D)

  2. Risna Says:

    Dea: nama lengkapnya ada malah tuh, Diana Elvira hihihi. Ah bukan masalah bakti mesinnya, ownernya aja kali yg tiba-tiba melirik crochet :P. Mungkin emang urutannya harus crochet dulu kali 🙂

  3. Vera Says:

    Cin, keren euy mesin jahitnya….

  4. Risna Says:

    ayo neng mper beli mesin jait juga 😛

  5. petra Says:

    ntar kalo ada eksperimen, kirim2 lagi 😛

  6. sri Says:

    lam kenal nich mba, kalo di jakarta berapa ya harga mesinnya

  7. denia Says:

    keren juga tuh mesin nya.. harganya berapa? Ada gak secondnya Elna 8600 ato 8300?

  8. risna Says:

    Kemarin sih belinya 16800 baht, wah ga tau ya soal second, coba di googling aja. Kalau situsnya Elvira ada di: http://elvira.co.th

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