Crochet: Pine Doily from Magic Crochet

Pine doily
Early on this month, Mrs Thata gave a challenge to do this pine doily from magic crochet. The deadline is 1 month. I started as soon as I can, in between another KAL project and deadline from work. Finally I finished this doily yesterday after I got home from hospital. I made this doily with 1 ball of acrylic cotton thread, I don’t know the number, but I used the small one.

This doily is a little bit bigger than my fan doily, the diameter of finished project is 55 cm while the fan doily diameter is only 50 cm.

By risna

a housewife who recently learns to knit and crochet, lives in Chiang Mai since 2007, so must learn Thai Language, and had some part time job to do documentation with LaTeX and welcoming for a new family member at the end of 2010

4 replies on “Crochet: Pine Doily from Magic Crochet”

halo risna, keren ya doilynya. jadi panas juga nich lihat hasil karya kamu udah mejeng. punyaku masih round ke-18.
jadi terpacu nich buat nyelisain wipku. Good job Ris.

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