Crochet : Flowers in Doily

A few days ago I bought this pattern from Mrs. Thata Pang. I never made any doily before so this is my first crocheted doily. When I almost finished, I noticed that my doily only have 7 flowers instead of 8 like in the picture in Thata’s site . It seems I don’t read the […]


Spongy Knitted Scarf

I want to learn knitting since years ago, and finally I can learn it from my Thai classmate in AUA Khun Scottie. Even she is not around Chiang Mai anymore, I still continue doing the knitting as my new hobby. This is my second knitted scarf, I made this using 1,5 balls of Vincent Spongy […]

AUA Learning Thai

AUA – Day 7

On the 7th day, we started to learn a little bit about past and future tense. We learned to ask about something that happened yesterday, something that happens today and something that will happen tomorrow by adding the adverbs of time in the sentences. mûawansuun : the day before yesterday mûawanníi : yesterday mûakhuuníi : […]