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Changing the label enumerator

I want to change my list enumerator style from 1, 2, 3 to be like (1), (2), (3) … in LyX. Here how I change it in Lyx:

In preamble Latex, add this line:


if you want to get (a), (b), (c)… , then you can change the \arabic with \alph or change others thing you want.

I found a blog with more examples here. You can take a look there if my code didn’t solve your problem, because I’m a new beginner with LaTeX stuff.

By risna

a housewife who recently learns to knit and crochet, lives in Chiang Mai since 2007, so must learn Thai Language, and had some part time job to do documentation with LaTeX and welcoming for a new family member at the end of 2010

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