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AUA – Day 10 : Food

On day 10, we learned about name of food and how to order food in a Restaurant. Our teacher introduced the name of the food using pictures. I thought we will have lunch together after class and practice our Thai in the real restaurant. But it was only in my imagination :).

The words we learned are:

  • kày : chicken
  • khày : egg
  • mÇ”u : pork
  • kûŋ : shrimp
  • plaa: fish
  • h̀ɔɔy : shellfish
  • puu : crab
  • núa : meat (wua : beef)
  • phàk : vegetable
  • tâwhûu : tofu
  • ?aahÇŽan jee : vegetarian food
  • ?aahÇŽan thalee : seafood
  • plaamùk : squid (mùk : ink)

Words for the way it is cooked are

  • phàt : fried (stir fried) –> phàk phàt : stir fried vegetable, khaaw phat = fried rice
  • th́ɔ̀ɔt : deep fried –> plaa th́ɔ̀ɔt : deep fried fish
  • tôm : boiled (khày tôm : boiled egg, tôm … : soup)
  • yam : spicy salad (tôm yam kûŋ = spicy soup with shrimp)
  • yaaÅ‹ : grilled (kày yaaÅ‹ = grilled chicken)
  • pîŋ = small pieces grilled
  • phÇŽw = put on the strong fire for a short time

Words for ordering/paying in a Restaurant:

  • kh̀ɔ́ɔ
  • tháng mòt : all together
  • càay ŋǝn : pay money
  • gebt tang / check bin = bill please
  • liáŋ = treat

I learn more from my daily experience. Usually if I eat something and I don’t know the name of the food yet, I’ll go to this site or this site. I must admit, until now I still have some difficulties when ordering food, but it’s getting better compared to the first week when we were here or when we only point the food or the picture of the food that we wanted.


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