AUA – Day 8 & 9 : Numbers

It’s been a while since my last post about Thai Language. In December last year I stop my Thai course for my vacation to Indonesia and I haven’t learned Thai language nor learning it at home ever since. Now it’s time to sit and type the Thai lessons again 🙂

On day 8 and 9, we started learning numbers in Thai. Actually I started learning about Thai numbers in the first few weeks after we arrived in Chiang Mai. Knowing a little Thai language about numbers can help you to get the better price when shopping 🙂

There are 2 ways to ask “how much is the price” in Thai :

  • thâwrày (how much?) / raakhaa thâwrày (How much the price ?)
  • kìi bàat? (How many Baht?) (kìi + currency)

If you want to ask the price in another currency, you can ask kìi Dollar or Kìi Rupiah (Indonesia Currency). But since we talk in Thai Language and we assume we ask in Thai currency, so we use kìi bàat.

money : ŋən / sataaŋ / taŋ

Other Question about money:

  • Khun mii taÅ‹ máy kh? ( Do you have money? )
  • Khun mii taÅ‹ / Å‹É™n thâwrày kh? (How much money do you have?)
  • Khun mii taÅ‹ kìi bàat kh ? (How many Baht do you have?)

0 sÅ­un
1 nùŋ
2 sɔˇɔŋ
3 sÇŽam
4 sìi
5 hâa
6 hòk
7 cèt
8 pὲεt
9 kâaw
10 sìp
11 sìp èt
12 sìp sɔˇɔŋ ( 10 + 2 )
13 sìp sǎam (10 + 3 )
20 yîi sìp
21 yîi sìp èt
30 sǎam sìp (3 X 10)
40 sìi sìp (4 X 10 )
100 (nùŋ) rɔ́ɔy
1.000 (nùŋ) phan
10.000 (nùŋ) mùun
100.000 (nùŋ) sὲέn
1.000.000 (nùŋ) láan


  • There are special case in thai numbering
  • 11 = sìp èt instead of sìp nùŋ
    20 = yii sìp instead of sɔˇɔŋ sìp
    21 = yîi sìp èt instead of sɔˇɔŋ sìp nùŋ and this also applies for 31, 41 etc.

  • for number 10 , 100 (and other new digit) sometimes the 1 is not spoken, example :
  • 110 = rɔ́ɔy sìp, but nùŋ rɔ́ɔy sìp is also correct.

  • If the number is more than 1 million, then we start over the number again
  • 10.000.000 = sìp láan
    21.345.678 = yîi sìp èt láan sǎam sὲέn sìi mùun hâa phan hòk rɔ́ɔy cèt sìp pὲεt

You can go to this site if you want to know how to pronounce the numbers.

Others phrases that maybe useful when you go shopping in Thailand

  • ?anníi (raakhaa) thâwrày : How much is this ?
  • ?annán (raakhaa) thâwrày : How much is that ?
  • ?annóon (raakhaa) thâwrày : How much is the one over there?
  • lòd raakha dây máy ? : Can you lower the price?
  • duu ?anníi/?annán/?annóon dây máy? : Can I see this one/ that one/ the one over there ?

I think, if you can to pronounce the number well enough, then you’ll get the better price for your souvenir from Thailand 🙂


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    Hi Risna, saya tertarik untuk belajar bahasa Thailand, tapi sayang di Indonesia tidak ada tempat untuk belajar bahasa Thai. Bisa tolong diberikan informasi tempat belajar bahasa Thailand untuk short term di thailand, berapa biayanya dan bisa direkomendasikan buku untuk belajar bahasa Thailand untuk pemula?
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