AUA – Day 5

On the 5th day, we learned about “?ahÇŽan” (food). As usual we started with words we already learned before and then our teacher gave us new words. We start to combine the questions and made complex sentences.

We started with questions do you know…, do you think … is …, which one do you think more delicious … or … :

  • Khun rúu càk ?ahÇŽan thay máy kh? ( Do you know Thai food ?)
  • Khun khìt wâa ?ahÇŽan thay ?arɔ̀ɔy máy kh? (Do you think Thai food is delicious? )
  • Khun khìt wâa ?ahÇŽan thay ?à-rai ?arɔ̀ɔy lɛ́ ?à-rai mây ?arɔ̀ɔy kh ? (Which Thai food do you think is delicious and which is not delicious ?)
  • Khun khìt wâa ?ahÇŽan thay ?à-rai ?arɔ̀ɔy tɛɛ̀ phèt kh ? (Which Thai food do you think is delicious but spicy ?)

New words we learned on day 5 are:

  1. Food
    • ?ahÇŽan : food
    • ?ahÇŽan Thay : Thai food
    • ?ahÇŽan Indonesia : Indonesian food
    • ?ahÇŽan + {country name} : {country name} food
  2. Adjectives
    • ?arɔ̀ɔy : delicious >< mây ?arɔ̀ɔy : not delicious
    • phèt : spicy >< mây phèt : not spicy
    • cùut : tasteless >< mây cùut : not tasteless (usually spicy)
    • phɛɛŋ : expensive >< mây phɛɛŋ: not expensive
    • thùuk : cheap >< mây thùuk : not cheap
  3. others
    • rÇ”u : or
    • pliàn khûu : switch partner
    • bɔɔy – bɔɔy : often
    • phûut lên : joke / kidding
    • chûu lên : nick name
    • kin lên : eat snack (verb)
    • kin pizza lên : eat pizza as snack (Thai people consider every food other than rice is snack)
    • khanŏm : snack

We practice the new words using the questions and answer that we learned on previous day. One new form of question we learned on day 5 was question using or (rǔu):

  • S + adj + rÇ”u + mây adj kh ?
  • Example : [Khun khìt wâa] ?ahÇŽan thay phèt rÇ”u mây phèt kh ? (Do you think Thai food is spicy or not spicy ?)


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