AUA – Day 3

On the 3rd day we learned new adjective words, and ask questions using : máy? like in sà-baay dii máy kh?. It seems our teacher forgot to check our homework, but I think it’s okay, because practicing the 5 tones is something that we will use a long the way.

Our teacher bring some pictures of famous people (actor / actress, singer or politician). Then she starts with question to check whether we know that person or not. After that, she asked whether that person is beautiful or handsome, tall, short, rich, poor, generous or friendly. And if we don’t know we can say : I don’t know or just say what we think.

For example I will use name James Bond, you can change the name with other names and even name of places

Q : Khun rúu càk James Bond máy kh? (Do you know James Bond?)
A1 : ♀/ ♂ rúu càk James Bond kh (I know James Bond)
A2 : ♀/ ♂ mây rúu càk James Bond kh (I don’t know James Bond)

After that, we can ask more details about the person:
Q : James Bond l̀ɔɔ máy kh? (Is James Bond handsome?)
A1: James Bond l̀ɔɔ kh. (James Bond is handsome.)
A2: James Bond l̀ɔɔ mâak kh. (James Bond is very handsome.)
A3: James Bond l̀ɔɔ nítǹɔɔy kh. (James Bond is a little bit handsome.)

A4: James Bond mây l̀ɔɔ kh. (James Bond is not handsome)
A5: James Bond mây l̀ɔɔ lǝǝy kh (James Bond is not handsome at all).
A6: ♀/ ♂ khìt wa James Bond mây l̀ɔɔ lǝǝy kh (I think James Bond is not handsome at all).


  • adj + mâak = very + ….
  • nítǹɔɔy + adj = a little bit + ….
  • mây +adj +lǝǝy = not …. at all
  • ♀/ ♂ khìt wa = I think

Adjectives we learned today are :

  • ?uan : fat
  • phÇ’om : skinny
  • sÇ”ung : tall
  • tîa : short (for person)
  • ruay : rich
  • con : poor
  • caydii : generous
  • penkan?ɛɛng: friendly
  • sÇ”ay: beautiful
  • l̀ɔɔ : handsome

More days We have more words to memorize, but for me not many new words because I already learned most of them at YMCA. But still, one or two new words is valuable as long as those are the words that I will use everyday. I’m glad in AUA they teach the expressions that Thai people use often like : “lǝǝy” and “khìt wa”. I heard many Thai used that words but I never know how to use those words before.

Anyway, in the break time I registered myself to be a member of AUA library. Registration fee is like nothing compared to books (in English of course) I can borrow from there. Latest edition of magazine also available there. Books in Thai Language also available there, but I cannot read Thai now, maybe later.


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