Nov 27

The example : Dutcman's puzzleToday I learned to sew dutchman’s puzzle quilt. I took some pictures while making it.

This is the example that was provided by the teacher. I have to make  8 big triangles and 16 small triangles and assembled it into one big square.

Example and my result

This is how my result compared to the example. My result is still far from perfect. I need more practice on quilting.

I shared the pictures and tried to make a simple tutorial here.

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Nov 26

The problem with having more than 1 blog and a few social networking to maintain is, sometimes you forgot what  you published or not published yet.

Well some of you might still remember I post about this socks in my previous post.

Baby Socks

I manage to made a granny jacket with the same color. This baby jacket and baby sock arrived safely in my hometown Medan. Yes I made those for my new nephew. Actually this is not the first time for me to make a baby granny jacket. I modified from my memory making the first one. This time I just modified the collar part.

Baby Granny Jacket

I use smaller type of yarn for this second time, and I have to add more rows to make the size ok. Actually I’m just guessing the size. My nephew was born premature, I’m sure this jacket will be too big for him and will fit on him until he is 1 year old.

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Nov 20

Ada bermacam-macam jenis zipper, dan ada bermacam-macam pula cara menjahitnya tergantung untuk apa. Beberapa waktu lalu saya belajar menjahit ritsleuting jenis biasa dan contohnya untuk dijahit di rok atau untuk cushion cover.

Berikut ini langkah-langkahnya.

1. lipat bagian kanan dan kiri kain dengan bagian luar saling berhimpit. Beri tanda pada kain mulai dari ujung atas sampe ujung bawah ritsleuting

step 1 - mark

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Nov 20

Shawl Knit

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WIP - KnitDo you still remember this work in progress that feels like forever will be WIP?  I remember I started to cast on around 2 years ago while I just started learn knitting. After a few drop stitches I gave up. I wanted to rip it off once, I felt the yarn colors are a little bit weird. But my laziness won, too lazy to rip it off. I changed my mind and just continue to knit it once a while and this is how it looks on June 2009.

Finally I did it. After almost 2 years, I cast it off and call it finished project. The shawl is not too wide but long enough. I am thinking to use it as a shrug-shawl.

shawl knit

I’m glad I didn’t rip it off years ago 🙂

shawl knit

Btw you can find the pattern from here:

Nov 19


About few months ago I went to spotlight Singapore on my way back to Chiang Mai. I saw this loom knitting set but I still hesitated to buy it. I don’t think I really want this tools. The price is quite cheaper compared to the price on Amazon.

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