Feb 26

Joe in his PajamasAfter my first trial with quilting, I thought I need to make something easier than quilting. It was fun to do quilt project, but I don’t want to spend hours with the sewing machine just to cut and sew some fabrics. Joe and I need new pajamas, so I decided to make pajamas for us. The good thing about sewing pajamas is no one will see you if the line on your pajama isn’t neat enough 🙂 .

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Feb 25

These yarns came along with Joe’s family from Indonesia. I bought them last year from several places in Indonesia and also from Singapore – online and offline. Many of my friends and also Joe’s family involved to make it landed on my yarn closet.

These are from Spotlight Singapore (Thanks to Meiche and Vivin).

moda vera sentimentsbenang jalan-jalan

These are from Tobucil Bandung, thanks to Aris

benang tobucil tampak atasbenang tobucil

These are from HouseOfYarn – Thanks to Katrien

katun kilap katrinkatun kilap

These are from several places. Thanks to Grace who gathered it so it is easier to carry. And also big thanks to Yosi who bring it all the way from Bandung to Depok and finally toThailand.

benang tampak sampingBerbagai benang lokal

And these how my yarn closet looks like recently. Still not too much eh? Winking

Stash per February 2009

And now I have to arrange my ‘free’ time to make all these yarns into something useful (and beautiful) in between my new sewing hobby and my watching TV series habit.

Life is awesome!!!