Jul 24


Two days ago, my husband asked me to go for Thai massage. We went after he got back from work. After 2 hours of massage, with a Thai language practice a little bit, the masseuse told me she have a Longan tree at home and she wanted to give us some of the Longan fruits. Right now is Longan season in Thailand, and when the season is come, the fruits are in the good quality, sweet and the price is very cheap (that’s why she prefer to give it for free than to sell it.) longan

So we made appointment to meet again on the next day (that was yesterday). When I woke up in the morning, I realized that I wanted to make something for her. I decided to make this cell phone pouch as soon as I saw the basket weave in mbak Thata’s 1st book.

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Jul 14

Few months ago, my friends from Dinamic Crochet Group asked me to be involved in the charity group based on squares crochet/knit. The idea is, mbak Thata made the pattern and everyone can get the pattern for free as long as they sent 2 squares in return to the group. Then we have 2 people who will assemble the squares into the final products. We will give the products to others who need it.

At first, we planned to make blankets. But since blankets need many squares then we changed our mind to make scarves. From the squares that we received on the first months, we made 4 scarves.

I sent 2 squares to Indonesia and my friend Katrien over there assembled it in to the scarf.
Before we have the opportunity to deliver the scarves, we were introduced to a Free elementary school in Bandung. This school is provided for the students whose parents cannot afford to pay the school fee. risna

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Jul 07

I’ve been using Mozilla Firefox browser since I knew Joe. And even there were time when Firefox always made my Windows crashed on start up when it’s conflicts with my anti virus, or when Firefox still cannot display Google Documents I still prefer this browser compared to others. Okay, this post is not about Firefox itself, but how I use this browser related to my hobby.

firefox add-ons


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