Jun 23

risna-dc-pattern1 Since last week, our DC Group have a reading crochet pattern lesson to training the members to read the crochet text pattern.

Mpattern3ost of the members always avoid the crochet text pattern, because they are so get used with pattern with graph symbol crochet and also they are get used to play with their imagination when they do the crochet.

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Jun 21

benang1 I don’t have any yarn winder neither umbrella swift. On the first time I bought the yarn not as a ball, at first, I just tried to roll it with patient manually, but ended up it knotting up. When I shared my problem in rolling the yarn, my friends from DC group told me the easy way using whatever I have around my home.

Here what I did:

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Jun 21

bag-daphne2After made the Valentine Tote Bag, I decided to make a bag for my Thai course’s teacher. After browsing for a while, I found this pattern on Daphne Mah’s site.

It took me about 2 days to made the bag, and today I gave the bag to my teacher. She know I can do crochet, and she is very happy to receive the bag. Well, when she is very happy, you know that I more than very happy. It’s always a pleasure to make someone happy.

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Jun 02

neckwarmer2-fold Another neck warmer for my cousin :). When she saw my new yarn treasure in my other blog (in Indonesia language), she pointed specific yarn to use to make her neck warmer (yes she requested for 2 neck warmers). The first one is finished and received safely by her (and she use it proudly 🙂 ).

This second one is just finished after we came back from our travel ( I am just too lazy to upload it right away). neckwarmer1-notfold 

Inspired by Fenny and mbak Thata, my friends from DC groups, I used bookmark pattern designed by mbak Thata which I bought from craft and me few months ago and make it as neck warmer. I used the leaf motif with bulky yarn and for the edging I use Maroon viscose (the same yarn to make the side of my Valentine Bag).

Actually this is like a short shawl or whatever you would like to call it :), but the purpose is to make her feels warm yet stylish.

The picture here are only example how to use it, you can fold it or not fold it. Here I put the one side inside the hole between two leaves on the other side. The hole is just perfect to replace button hole, so I don’t need to put button on this neck warmer. Or you can add a little brooch or anything you like.

Jun 01


This is another crochet  along project in DC groups. Even tough Valentine is already passed a few months ago, but I think Love design is not only for valentine. The original design is made by Ceci. I modified the design since I don’t have enough yarn to complete the bag, and somehow I need a bag to carry my book and even my macbook pro, not a small hand bag.

I started this bag last week, I only have 2 balls of worsted-weight yarn @100gr. At first I thought it would be enough but then I realized that 2 balls of worsted yarn is not enough to make the bag according to the pattern. So after I used  more than 1 ball of 100 gr worsted yarn for front side, I decided to modify my bag. The puff stitch to make Love pattern and the FPDC used so much yarn, So for the back side, I don’t make the Love puff stitch. calbagceciback

I finished front side and back side in the same day, but then, I stopped a few days, because I was not sure what kind of yarn will I use to make the side and the bottom. My husband and a few friends suggested me to use Pink color to combine the red front and back. But, after considering that pink color won’t be good when it gets dirty, then I decided to use my Maroon Viscose (hey, I will use this bag everyday, I don’t want to wash it often).

When I started doing the side, I decided to try the star stitch that I saw from Teresa’s site. You can see this video that helped me a lot in learning this stitch. (She made many videos that helped me to learn new stitch in crochet).

calbagcecisideActually FPDC and Puff stitch are also new for me, but for Puff stitch I did not have any problem to made it, FPDC give me some hard time more. I found this video from Crafty Andy is useful for me to understand how to made FPDC when you combine it with single crochet. Most of video that  explains FPDC is combination of FPDC with double crochet, and it’s a little bit different story when you join FPDC with SC. The puff stitch is not the same with the bullion stitch in crafty Andy’s video, but the instruction about the puff stitch is quite clear in the pattern.

Finally, this week I finished my bag. I join the side and the front/back side with sc, and I sewed the leather strap to the front and back side. This bag is ready to use, but maybe in the future I will add more accessories to it.