Feb 29

On day 10, we learned about name of food and how to order food in a Restaurant. Our teacher introduced the name of the food using pictures. I thought we will have lunch together after class and practice our Thai in the real restaurant. But it was only in my imagination :).

The words we learned are:

  • kày : chicken
  • khày : egg
  • mÇ”u : pork
  • kûŋ : shrimp
  • plaa: fish
  • h̀ɔɔy : shellfish
  • puu : crab
  • núa : meat (wua : beef)
  • phàk : vegetable
  • tâwhûu : tofu
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Feb 24

Tunisian Round Potholder
Tunisian crochet is a new thing for me. I heard about this several times, but since I didn’t have the needle I never think to tried it.

Actually tunisian is a type of crochet, using the hook like in crochet but usually the needle is longer than the crochet hook. A few days ago, our group’s moderator show us her work with tunisian, but it’s not an usual tunisian. She made the tunisian in a round and also made a beautiful bag with entrelac tunisian which tempted me to give it a try.
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Feb 23

I know Valentine’s day is not the only day we can show our love. This February we got a love crochet pattern in our group. I made 3 of them, because I also need coasters at home. When I wanted to upload the picture, somehow I remember some verses in the Bible. So I just arranged the picture and made it as an e-postcard for everybody I loved.
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Feb 22

Pine doily
Early on this month, Mrs Thata gave a challenge to do this pine doily from magic crochet. The deadline is 1 month. I started as soon as I can, in between another KAL project and deadline from work. Finally I finished this doily yesterday after I got home from hospital. I made this doily with 1 ball of acrylic cotton thread, I don’t know the number, but I used the small one.

This doily is a little bit bigger than my fan doily, the diameter of finished project is 55 cm while the fan doily diameter is only 50 cm.

Feb 09

It’s been a while since my last post about Thai Language. In December last year I stop my Thai course for my vacation to Indonesia and I haven’t learned Thai language nor learning it at home ever since. Now it’s time to sit and type the Thai lessons again 🙂

On day 8 and 9, we started learning numbers in Thai. Actually I started learning about Thai numbers in the first few weeks after we arrived in Chiang Mai. Knowing a little Thai language about numbers can help you to get the better price when shopping 🙂

There are 2 ways to ask “how much is the price” in Thai :

  • thâwrày (how much?) / raakhaa thâwrày (How much the price ?)
  • kìi bàat? (How many Baht?) (kìi + currency)

If you want to ask the price in another currency, you can ask kìi Dollar or Kìi Rupiah (Indonesia Currency). But since we talk in Thai Language and we assume we ask in Thai currency, so we use kìi bàat.

money : ŋən / sataaŋ / taŋ

Other Question about money:

  • Khun mii taÅ‹ máy kh? ( Do you have money? )
  • Khun mii taÅ‹ / Å‹É™n thâwrày kh? (How much money do you have?)
  • Khun mii taÅ‹ kìi bàat kh ? (How many Baht do you have?)

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Feb 01

Another Eyelet
Yesterday Mrs. Thata gave our group a knitting challenge. She sent a pattern without detailed explanation. There is an abbreviation that I didn’t understand. I thought SKP stands for Slip, Knit and then Purl. But I don’t think that kind of stitch fits with the next row pattern. Then I realized it is Slip Knit and Pass. It’s one of knitting “decreases” technique, I have never used this stitch technique before. If you want to see how to do it just visit KnittingHelp site.

I started right away and finished this afternoon. Actually the complete pattern has more repetition rows than my final result. But since my yarn was almost finished, I didn’t repeat the pattern. I’m glad because I learned another eyelet pattern. Thanks a lot mrs. Thata 🙂