Jan 30

Rose and love
I made this about 15 minutes before my lunch time and finished it before lunch time is over. I found the pattern from My Picot site before I started my previous flower. I thought this one would take more time than the first one, but it comes out that this is easier and even faster to do (with my speed which is still below average).

Before I made the flower shape, I try love shape. It looks great in the love shape too. In fact with the same pattern I can make 2 kinds of flower. I’ll make more flowers with this pattern. It’s an easy crocheted flower yet it is beautiful. You can try to make it as embellishment on your valentine gift 🙂 Hope it helps!

Jan 27

Yesterday, after I finished knitting the eyelet dishcloth, I remember my promise to my friend who asked me to make a flower brooch for her blouse. I still have the yarn left over from the previous dishcloths and I think this yarn color is a flower color. So I start to Google and then when I see this You Tube Video and this blog. I decided, this is the kind of flower I want to do.
Crocheted Flower
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Jan 26

Dishcloth Motif Eyelet
This is another KAL Project with dynamic crochet group. I did this faster than the previous motif and I found out this motif is easier to do. I noticed many dishcloth patterns using seed stitch as the borders, so I try using seed stitch as the borders (my first time doing seed stitch). Continue reading »

Jan 22

Dishcloth Square
Even though the group name is Dynamic Crochet, but we also do knitting along. We learn to practice new motif by making a dishcloth. This is my finished project. There’s another motif which is still work in progress.

I modified the pattern from the group and my dishcloth has borders. I found some difficulties to make the 5 last rows to be the same with the 5 first rows. After a few times undoing several rows, I finally did it.

Jan 12

CAL Doily
This is my first Crochet Along Project with Dynamic Crochet Group. The 1st and 2nd circle I did quite fast, but then I got slower in the 3rd circle. I finished it while I’m on my Christmas vacation.
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